User Manual for International Seafood Trade Forum(ISTF)

(Specialized Researcher KIM JIHYEON, Overseas Markets Analysis Center, KMI)

  The International Seafood Trade Forum (ISTF) was launched in September 2015 to stimulate global fishery trade as the global economic territories expand due to the proliferation of FTAs. The ISTF Operations Secretariat is located in Korea (Busan), and Korea has signed 17 FTAs with 56 countries, including ASEAN, EU, USA, and China, since 2004. While there has recently been a worldwide spread of protectionist trade trends, we are seeking to work together to find strategies to the win-win in a changing trade environment by establishing a collaborative network with FTA signatory countries.

STEP1. User Manual for Global Seafood Trade Network

  To date, the ISTF, which celebrated its 7th anniversary this year, has hosted a total of 12 international seafood export forums in various countries, including Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, France, and Indonesia. In the course of its operations, the ISTF provided a forum for the discussion of about 100 international seafood trade experts, and nearly 1,000 attendees participated in the forum to form a global trade network. In 2021, the International Seafood Trade Forum will be held in Korea(online), and we are willing to many people are interested and participate.

Photos from previous ISTF events

The International Seafood Trade Forum will be held in 2021

Item The 13th International Seafood Trade Forum The 14th International Seafood Trade Forum
International Seminar of Experts on Seafood in Korea, China, and Japan International Seminar of Experts on Seafood in the Korean-European Area Symposium of Digital Trade for Global Seafood
Date and Time Sep. 8, 2021
14: 00 to 16: 30
Nov. 17, 2021
15: 30 to 19: 00
Dec. 15, 2021
10: 00 to 15: 00
Venue Busan, South Korea Busan, South Korea Seoul, South Korea
Topic Post-Corona Era, Seafood Consumption Prospects and Future Trade Cooperation in Korea, China, and Japan Hygiene and safety measures to activate for the Korean-European seafood trade Cooperative plan to build a global digital seafood trade ecosystem
How to participate A hybrid approach that combines online and offline A hybrid approach that combines online and offline A hybrid approach that combines online and offline

* Entry fee is free of charge, detailed schedules and topics are subject to change
** If you would like to participate, please apply in advance at the ISTF website (

ISTF official Website

The official ISTF website is, where you can find information about the events held and pre-registration for upcoming events.

STEP2. Utilization Manual for FTA Research and Investigation Business

  Besides hosting the International Seafood Trade Forum to expand its network, ISTF is also conducting a research and investigation project. In addition to exploring ways to stimulate trade through FTA utilization through joint research with seafood trade experts in each country, we also address various topics such as non-tariff barriers, safety and hygiene, and trends in the consumption of seafood in major countries, so please pay attention to the research report.

ITSF Research List 2015-2020

Publication Name Publication Year
1 Global seafood market trend analysis 2015
2 The laver export market segmentation to Thailand 2016
3 The US and Canada’s seafood export strategy to China 2016
4 Analysis of global tuna market trends 2017
5 New Zealand and Norway's cultured fishery products export strategy 2017
6 Analysis of non-tariff barriers to US and China seafood exports 2018
7 Analysis of seafood consumption trends in Thailand 2018
8 Analytical study of the economic effects of exports of seafood 2018
9 Seafood consumption characteristics in the EU 2019
10 Measures to activate the trade of seafood with Korea and the FTA signatory countries 2020

STEP3. User Manual for ISTF Newsletter

  ISTF will be sending out a quarterly ‘FTA Newsletter’. In addition to a detailed introduction to the Korean seafood market, we will also share news on global seafood trade trends. If you are interested in writing about Global Seafood trade and utilizing FTA or would like to receive a newsletter, please contact the Secretariat email ( at ISTF.